We didn’t expect to stay so long in this little Swiss village, but it was rather welcomed. After traversing the length of South America, hiking every other day and averaging 10kms of walking tours, our bodies were asking for a much needed break. We had all the intentions to hike to Frey (a small stone…

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The Shire of the North

El Bolsón. A shire characterised by its hippie tranquility. The town is situated 100 kilometers away from Bariloche (the Swiss village of Argentina) and lies at the feet of ‘Piltriquitrón Hill’ in the Rio Negro province. Since hippies roam the streets, they thought it would be a good idea to declare the town a nuclear…

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Smokey Mountains

El Chaltén. A place where people come to admire the surrounding mammoths. A place where Zeus (Fitz Roy) admirably looks upon the town below. Every now and then peeking his head out from the clouds, showing off his white mane as it flutters in the wind. The town is juxtaposed between mountains and winding rivers.…

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Titans, Torres and Triumphs

We’ve arrived in the much anticipated Patagonia! The land of glaciers, vast mountain ranges, guanacos (alpacas) and vistas for as far as the eye can see. Coming in was more choppier than a gruff lumberjack, but we made it (altho our bags nearly didn’t, being windswept all across the tarmac!). Our 2h30min flight from Buenos…

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Paris, Peron and Ponchos

Not a day passes by without some activity planned in this European city of Buenos Aires (more on that in a moment). Arriving by ferry, the city skyline appeared on the horizon. What awaited us, we were unsure. Coming from Brazil, we thought the city would be the same. Boy were we wrong. Everywhere our…

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Maté anyone?

I sit writing this post on a plush chesterfield armchair, the contents of which seem to ply off one’s bottom. The room surrounding has the reminisce of the end of the 60s, beginning of the 70s, with old dial telephones stacked neatly in a row. A metaphor for this peaceful country. Uruguay, a place defined…

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É fantástico!

Where do we begin? We got to Rio days before the famous carnival would start. Thinking the entire city would transform, we quickly started doing some research. Our guide from the day before had mentioned that there were well over 2000 different block parties scattered over various parts of the city. Exciting!

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Snaking our way down the Amazon!

We arrived at the area around the private harbour where our boat, San Marino III, was docked. As we watched people arrive, the space around us grew smaller and smaller and soon we were surrounded by a giant curtain of hundreds of colourful hammocks, up to the point that we were rubbing feet with our neighbours. Everything for the experience, right?

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