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É fantástico!

Where do we begin? We got to Rio days before the famous carnival would start. Thinking the entire city would transform, we quickly started doing some research. Our guide from the day before had mentioned that there were well over 2000 different block parties scattered over various parts of the city. Exciting!

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We arrived in Belém and quickly made our way to the Uber driver. As we had arrived in the middle of the night, it was hard to see our surroundings, other than the endless potholes in the road. In broken English, our driver managed to point out that to our right was port Belém, where we could take our ferry off into the Amazon...

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Frenchies to Fortaleza

The day had come to leave our idyllic town of Jeri, and head off for the jungle (cue guns and roses). We asked the receptionist at Villa Chic if she could book us a taxi a couple days before the big day. The trip would take us roughly 4 hours to get to the Fortazela, before departing for Belem, the river mouth city!

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We’re getting old…

Since arriving, we've both been waking up at 6AM and going to bed at 9PM. I think it has something to do with the heat, the caipirinhas, and the jetlag. We wanted to try out the local party scene for at least one night, and so we did, including mermaids!

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Paradise tends to burn

Yesterday, I did some more kiting, and Fem decided to come along for the ride. Happy to say, I was up up and away, I've learnt, the kite is a fragile beast, it needs a bit of gentle taming. Knowing when to pull, when to let go, you soon become one with the wind. I absolutely loved it!

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